March, 2007: It's been a rough winter. No, not especially cold, not really a lot of snow, just a lot of impatience where my back yard was concerned. Between the snow, plenty of rain, and the dog, whole areas of my back lawn need to be reseeded. And waiting to see if any of the 100 bulbs planted in November would pay off had me worried. March was interminable.
So, this is the state of my garden as of April 1st. Looks bare, but there are signs of life!
Daffodils, Tulips, Gladiolus, Hyacinth, and Allium all went into the ground, and this is what's coming up.

Deer food.

My hydrangeas, which became sticks over the winter, are growing buds now, so there's hope. The butterfly bushes are still twigs, but we'll see.
After two seasons of mowing, I finally managed to have JD serviced, so it's primed and ready to cut. As yet, the lawn isn't ready, and may not be for a couple of weeks.
Okay, Spring. Bring it on!

April 22nd - We've had a slow start, with an unusual stretch of cold weather (and a very late snow). Flowers and trees are about two weeks behind schedule. Click any thumbnail for 1200x800 version.
The crocuses are done and gone, and the next round of bulbs is coming up now. According to my garden plan, these should be something called "hyacinth."
I'm still waiting for tulips, gladiolus, and allium.
Meanwhile, out front, the previous owners had planted tulips and daffodils, which are now making their presence felt.
I remember this one from last year - hard to forget. Rather garish colors on this puppy, brilliant in very late afternoon.
Anyway, I planted this garden to be a "digital photography garden", so I'll shut up and show the pictures.
Meanwhile, the cherry tree out front is finally beginning to blossom. In another couple of days, it will be at its most glorious.
March, 2008: Time to give up on the grand backyard garden. The deer and rabbits have convinced me to work elsewhere. On to the Meditation Walk.

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